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How to Propagate Euonymus (video)

Euonymus is an easy-to-grow evergreen shrub. Euonymus is one of my favorite evergreen shrubs because it looks like boxwoods but a lower maintenance version of boxwoods! I have Euonymus Manhattan in my garden and I will show you how to propagate Euonymus. The propagation method is the same for all euonymus varieties. I’ll show you 2 propagation methods. The first is to propagate Euonymus by stem cutting and the second propagation method to propagate Euonymus by layering.

Eonymus Plant

Propagating Euonymus Video

Below is a video showing how I propagated my euonymus by stem cutting and layering. I propagated Euonymus Manhattan but the propagation methods applies to other Euonymus varieties.

How to Propagate Euonymus

When is the Best time to Propagate Euonymus?

The best time to propagate Eunomymus is in the summer or fall. I personally prefer to propagate euonymus in the Fall because of the cooler temperature. By propagating Euonymus in the fall, I don’t have to worry about the soil drying out. Although, the advantage of propagating in the summer is it will be faster to root your Euonymus but you have to make sure to keep the soil moist. 

How to Propagate Euonymus

Propagating Euonymus by Stem Cutting

1. Cut Euonymus Stem Cuttings

First, cut a few stems from the Euonymus plant that you will be propagating. 

Propagating Eonymus
Propagating Eonymus

2. Remove the Leaves from Euonymus stem cuttings

Then, remove the bottom leaves from the Euonymus stem cuttings.

3. Dip Euonymus stem cuttings in rooting hormone

Dip the stem cuttings into rooting hormone. The rooting hormone will help speed up the root development of Euonymus stem cuttings.

Propagating Eonymus
Dipping Eonymus Stem Cutting in Rooting Hormone

4. Plant Euonymus stem cutting in a pot

Plant the Euonymus stem cuttings in a pot. Make sure the soil in the pot is moist. After planting, water thoroughly.

Propagating Eonymus
Propagating Eonymus

Wait until it roots. your Euonymus stem cuttings should root in the next 4-6 weeks. Just make sure to keep it moist and away from direct sunlight. I have a spot behind my house that is ideal for propagating. It’s a little nook behind my house that gets half a day of sunlight and is protected from the wind because it’s a little sheltered nook. I’ve had success propagating hydrangea stem cuttings there. Look for a spot in your house for propagating stem cuttings.

Propagating Eonymus
Propagating Eonymus

Propagating Euonymus by Layering

Euonymus can be successfully propagated by layering. In my opinion, layering is the easiest way to propagate Euonymus. Euonymus is very similar to forsythias. I’ve had lots of success propagating forsythias through layering.

1. Pick a Long Euonymus stem

First, pick a long enough stem to reach the soil. Remove the leaves. This is the section of the Euonymus stem that you are trying to root. 

2. Add Rooting Hormones to the Euonymus stem

Brush a little bit of rooting hormone on the stem. 

3. Keep Euonymus Stem down with Garden staples

Then, use garden staples to hold down the Euonymus stem. If you don’t have garden staples, you can use a rock or brick to hold down the Euonymus stem. I personally prefer using garden staples because it is easier and it looks neater.

Propagating Eonymus
Garden Staples Propagating Eonymus
Using Garden Staples Propagating Eonymus

4. Cover with Soil

Cover the Euonymus stem with soil. Water thoroughly. Keep the soil moist. It will eventually grow roots and become another Euonymus plant.  

Propagating Eonymus
Propagating Eonymus by Layering

Propagating Euonymus by Layering in a Pot

An alternative way to propagate your Euonuymus is to keep a pot next to your Euonymus shrub and hold the stem down in the pot with garden staples. When the Euonymus roots have taken hold, you can then cut off the new plant from the mother Euonymus plant.

Propagating euonymus
Propagating euonymus by layering in a pot

Good luck propagating your Euonymus plant!

Propagating Eonymus
Propagating Eonymus by Layering

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