Winter Beauty Boxwood

Winter Beauty Boxwood (Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Winter Beauty’)

Winter Beauty Boxwood or Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Winter Beauty’ is a type of Korean boxwood with glossy, dark green leaves. Winter Beauty Boxwood is winter hardy to USDA Zones 5-9. Winter Beauty Boxwoods is a slow growing boxwood and will grow to 2 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide. It grows well in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil although direct sunlight should be avoided. Compared to other types of boxwoods, Winter Beauty boxwood is more tolerant of sunlight. It should be planted in a location protected from strong winds. According to the American Society of Boxwoods, Buxus sinica var. insularis ‘Winter Beauty’ is one of the more frequently found boxwoods in the United States.

When to Prune Winter Beauty Boxwoods?

Winter Beauty Boxwoods should be pruned once a year. However, pay attention to when the last spring frost date is. Prune after the last spring frost. Do not prune too early in the Spring because tender offshoots that grows will be killed by the late spring frost.

Should You Mulch Around Winter Beauty Boxwood?

Mulch around Winter Beauty Boxwood by adding organic mulch of 1 to 2 inches thick. It will help protect the shallow roots.

What Can I do to Help Improve Air Circulation of Winter Beauty Boxwoods?

Every year, improve the air circulation of Winter Beauty Boxwoods by thinning plants and remove dead or damaged branches.

Should I Let Snow Accumulate on my Winter Beauty Boxwoods?

During winter, remove snow accumulations on Winter Beauty Boxwoods to minimize branch damage.

How Big Does Winter Beauty Boxwood Get?

Winter Beauty Boxwoods can grow to 2 feet tall and 4-6 feet wide.

Can I Grow Winter Beauty Boxwood in Shade?

Winter Beauty Boxwoods can grow in part shade. It grows well in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil. Although direct sunlight should be avoided. 

What Kind of Soil Condition is ideal for Winter Beauty Boxwood?

Winter Beauty Boxwood grow best in slightly acidic soil, well-drained soil.

Where Should I Plant Winter Beauty Boxwood?

Winter Beauty Boxwood can be grown as hedges and border plants.

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