Deer and hydrangeas

Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas? The Truth Revealed

I’m here to set the record straight and reveal the truth about deer and hydrangeas! From my personal experience with growing hydrangeas for almost 20 years now, I’ve never had any problems with deer eating hydrangeas!

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The Truth about Deer and Hydrangeas

So here’s the deal: you’ve probably read in blog posts that hydrangeas are not deer resistant. That deer will eat hydrangeas and you should buy a lot of fencing products and deer sprays to protect your hydrangeas from deer!

I live in coastal Connecticut and deer are a common sight. And usually, it’s not just one deer it’s the entire deer family. They love going to my backyard and munching on different shrubs. My kids get very excited whenever we see deer so we are always on the look out for deer.

I’ve encountered numerous deer sightings and I have never seen deer eat hydrangeas. In fact, they don’t even seem interested in hydrangeas. They simply walk past all the hydrangea shrubs, completely ignoring the hydrangeas in my garden like they’re invisible.

Deer and hydrangeas

I’m scratching my head, wondering why so many gardening blogs out there claim that hydrangeas are not deer resistant. Deer and hydrangeas? The truth is deer don’t eat hydrangeas! You don’t need to waste your money on buying deer fencing and deer spray to protect your hydrangeas. 

So why are the deer ignoring my hydrangeas when so many gardening experts are saying that deer eat hydrangeas?

I’ve got a little theory brewing about why deer aren’t particularly fond of my hydrangeas. I think it’s because I’ve got some other plants in my garden that seem way more appealing to deer. 

I noticed that whenever the deer are in my garden, they seem to love munching on my hostas.

But what they love the most, the real superstar in their eyes is my yew shrub. The deer love my yew shrub, chomping away at it.

So here’s my hypothesis on deer and hydrangeas: my hydrangeas might just luck out because I’ve got these other tastier plants stealing the show. 

The deer’s attention gets diverted to the hostas and that irresistible yew shrub, leaving my hydrangeas untouched and unbothered.

It’s just a hunch, but it seems to make sense, right? Those deer have their food preferences. So, while my hydrangeas might not make it onto their top menu, they’ve found some other delicacies in my garden that keep them satisfied.

So, if you’re worried about deer wreaking havoc on your hydrangeas, just plant yews and hostas in your garden to divert their attention.

How to Protect Hydrangeas from Deer

Based on my personal experience, you should divert the deer’s attention to other more delicious plants. Plant Yew and Hostas in your garden to protect your hydrangeas from deer!

Plant Yew Shrubs

Yew shrubs (Taxus) are low maintenance perennial shrubs. They are an evergreen shrubs with very dense foliage. It has almost pine-looking leaves with deep green needles. 

Yew shrubs make great hedges because they are so dense and you can easily shape them. They thrive in both sun and shade. 

As for soil requirements, they are not overly picky and can tolerate a range of soil types.

Keep in mind that Yew shrubs are very toxic to humans and pets so be careful when planting them in your garden. Even though Yew shrubs are toxic to humans and pets, they are not toxic to deer! The deer loves munching on yew!

Yew Shrubs
ShadePartial shade to sun
WateringRegular watering
Yew Plant Profile

Plant Hostas

Hostas (Hosta) are perennial garden favorites because they grow so well in shady locations. They are known for their big, lush foliage with a wide array of leaf shapes, sizes, and colors. Hostas offer endless possibilities for creating eye-catching displays in the garden. 

Hostas thrive in shade or partial shade. They appreciate well-drained soil to prevent waterlogging. Hostas are very easy plants to grow in your garden. They come back year after year, requiring minimal maintenance once established.

Deer loves to munch on hostas. I’ve heard hostas referred to as deer candy! 

ShadeShade to partial sun
WateringEvenly moist soil
SoilOrganic-rich soil
Hosta Plant Profile

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