When Can You Move Your Tulip Bulbs?

Your tulip bed is starting to look crowded. You’d like to move your tulip bulbs but when is a good time to move your tulip bulbs? The last thing you want to do is to disturb your tulips and dig them up prematurely. When is a good time to transplant your tulips?


1. Wait Until After the Tulip Flowers Fade

You need to wait until your tulips have finished flowering and the leaves have naturally died down before digging them up and moving the tulip bulbs. If you move your tulip bulbs too early, you will disturb the process of restoring energy to your tulip bulbs. You need to wait until your tulips are dormant before digging up your tulip bulbs. 

2. Wait Until the Tulip Leaves Naturally Dies Down Before Moving the Bulbs

After the tulip flowers fade and after you deadhead the tulips, you need to wait a few more weeks for the tulip leaves to naturally die down. It’s easy to tell when the tulip leaves have naturally died down. When you can easily pull off the dead tulip leaves that means that tulip leaves have died down. Once your tulips have died down and are dormant, you can safely dig up your tulip bulbs and move them.

3. How to Dig Up Tulip Bulbs

Gently dig up your tulip bulbs. Use a fork to dig up tulip bulbs so you don’t accidentally cut the bulbs in half. If there are tulip bulbs that have multiplied, gently separate the bulbs up with your hands. Brush off all the soil and dirt from the tulip bulbs.

4. How to Store Tulip Bulbs 

First, dry your tulip bulbs outdoors for 2-3 days. You can dry your tulip bulbs by placing them on a mesh tray. Once your tulip bulbs are dry, store tulip bulbs in containers. Make sure you choose containers that provide good airflow such as cardboard boxes, paper bags, wire baskets, or mesh bags. 

Store your tulip bulbs in a cool, dry place like a dry basement. Ideally, keep your tulip bulbs stored in temperatures between 50-70 Fahrenheit. If you live in zones 8-10, you should refrigerate your tulip bulbs for 2 months before planting your tulip bulbs.

5. When to Plant Tulip Bulbs

The best time to plant your tulip bulbs is in the Fall. Make sure you plant your tulip bulbs in a spot that receives full sun. This is the most important factor for successful tulips. Also, don’t plant your tulip too shallow. Plant your tulip bulbs 3x deeper than their height.  And make sure you plant your tulip bulbs in a spot with well-drained soil. Avoid planting tulip bulbs near the foundation and concrete.

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